How did Curious Little Oyster get created? Well, I came across someone else doing this on Facebook and I completely got addicted! I found myself watching for hours with my eye balls glued to the screen to see what color the next pearl would be and I thought to myself "Oh man, that could have been my pearl!" I never did order from them...instead I thought "I can do this...I can shuck oysters to reveal the pearls and sell jewelry while having fun with ladies and making them feel beautiful with beautiful items." So, I jumped in with both feet and started the research. It took a good five months researching the oysters and the pearls and the jewelry. It's been a long road (setting up the LLC was not as easy as I thought it would be), but it was all worth it! I can't wait to hear (aka read) your joy when you set eyes on your pearl and receive your jewelry. 

Where does the name Curious Little Oyster come from? Well, I'm a huge...I mean HUGE Disney fan! Actually...huge is an understatement. So naturally my name had to incorporate something Disney related. Can you guess which movie? I'll give you a clue. It's NOT the Little Mermaid. The only Disney movie with a named oyster character is Alice in Wonderland where the Walrus convinces the curious little oysters to follow him...unfortunately leading to their untimely death! Eeek! The Walrus ate the curious little things! They are adorable and curious...just like I was...curious about what color the next pearl would be!

So, here I am shucking my oyster...literally and figuratively. Has anyone ever said to you "The world is your oyster?" What does that even mean? Well, it's like this. An oyster takes a irritant, a grain of sand, something that disturbs its home and causes pain. Then the oyster turns that awful thing into something spectacular, gorgeous, a miracle if you will...a pearl. In life, the world is your oyster, you will have tough times and things that irritate you, but with time, some hard work, dedication, and love you can make that pearl! So, I decided to go all in and start a new business.  I wanted to find something I loved to do...I wanted to make my pearl.  The world is my oyster and it's time to create that pearl of mine! And that pearl includes you!

I can't wait to get to know each of you while chatting LIVE on Facebook! It only feels fitting that you learn a little about me. I currently live in Maryland (born and raised in New Jersey). My day job is a stay at home mommy with my toddler. and I also teach Ballet!  I'm involved with local theatre and I love crafting! Hubby is an Irish Step dancing instructor and we converted our barn into a dance studio to teach and share our love of dance! That's a little insight into my life.. I hope you have fun shopping and watching my live shows! Make sure to say hi when you watch! I love hearing from you!

Aren't you curious? What are you waiting for?
Place your order and then head over to my Facebook page. I go Facebook live to reveal mystery oysters, but remember, you can now pick you pearl color! What color will your pearl be?

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